AutoImpute - I built this command line tool for repairing datasets with missing values as a part of my MPhil dissertation which investigated automatic imputation using probabilistic machine learning methods. The implementation is all in Python 3, and uses NumPy & SciPy.
   epistasisNet - This was my final year group project for my undergraduate degree in Information Engineering. It is a neural network for detecting epistasis (bascially complex genetic diseases) using genome data. Although the project didn't end up working for real world applications, I learn't a lot about deep learning and ML in general. The project uses (a very old version of) TensorFlow.
   Go Web Server and Client - This was a group project for a computer networking class I took. We built a client, server, and proxy server in Golang. Of course it is pretty basic but it was fun to play around with Go for the first time, and in the end it had a few cool features.
   Space Defender - This was a group project for a software development class I took. We built a Defender style game using C++14 and the SFML library.